Third Eye Meditation and the Pineal Gland

Would you like to open and activate your own third eye chakra? Then that article may interest a person. The third eye chakra, as well as ajna chakra, is the sixth chakra and is situated in the middle of the forehead merely between the eyebrows. This chakra (and the crown chakra) is connected to our spiritualty. It has the colour indigo or maybe purple, which is a good thing to keep in mind when working on opening this, as using colours within your meditation can be a great way to help make the meditation stronger and more visible. The third eye is the area for many different qualities like intuition, spirituality, awareness, considering clearly, getting ideas along with psychic abilities. Just like every other chakra in your body, your 3rd eye can be closed as well as unbalanced which can lead to a sense of confusion, feeling disconnected for your spiritual part of you, sensation lost and having difficulties choosing the best path, being unable to see items clearly, panic, depression, and so on

So to reopen or rebalance your third eye you are able to practice third eye deep breathing, where you will heal and switch on your chakra. But since this particular chakra is one of the more magical ones and there are so much about this that we do not understand, you should not experiment with third eye chakra techniques, as some people have experienced quite strong experiences with it, for instance being able to see things (perhaps spiritual entities) with possibly your physical eyes or minds eye, hearing issues and sensing things. And before you decide whether or not you want to open up your third eye, you need to really do some more research within the topic and get as much information as possible. But learning is a great thing, and just be considering your third eye in addition to focusing on it, it will slowly be activated.

The third eyesight is connected to the pineal gland activation, which is a small gland in the center of our brain and is managed and activated by lighting. Even though scientists do not know a lot about this small gland it really is considered by many to become a very powerful part source of faith based energy and the key to building psychic abilities. It is said that whenever the pineal gland is actually activated it will connect with the actual spiritual dimension through each of our third eye and overhead chakra. Through meditation i will be able to create a vibration that will permit us to connect with our psychic side and astral entire body.

There are many different techniques to activate and open your third vision. You can perform a chanting yoga which will help you create a vibration that may stimulate your chakra and therefore open it. But you do not need to chant, but instead you can try a third eye breathing exercise, where you will inhale through your chakra with an indigo coloured wind, which will change your focus and power to that area, which will promote it. But no matter which method you use, you should remember to maintain a positive mind and concentrate on love and kindness. Additionally it is important that you remember to relax throughout the meditation, or else you will only end up with a headache certainly nothing more. But take some time to truly learn about it before you start exercising third eye meditation.

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