Surveillance System Listing

Purchasing a pre-made surveillance system? Building your personal surveillance system on your own? Maybe you have to evaluate a surveillance setup and it is equipment. Regardless of the situation might be this handy listing will help in making a sure the proper surveillance equipment.

Video Security Cameras

The Closed-circuit television shoplifting that’ll be placed at the designated place to view a place and report what it really sees for your recorder.

Closed-Circuit Television Lenses

Needed by a few video security cameras and built-in to other people. Required to focus and get an effective picture for the home security camera.

Recording Equipment

A tool linked to your video security cameras in some manner to record and store your video signals later on viewing and employ. These include VCR’s, DVR’s (Video Recorders), etc…

Closed-Circuit Television Cables

Not relevant in wireless surveillance systems however, this refers back to the medium accustomed to transmit your video signal out of your cameras for your recorder or viewing equipment.


Additional connectors or adapters that are required to make sure an effective link between your cables and Closed-circuit television products. These include BNC, VGA, Coax, RCA, etc…

Viewing Equipment

A tool that enables you to definitely view your video signal after or during its transmission. These include Closed-circuit television monitors, computer screens, TV’s, smartphones, etc…


Proper tools required to install and implement a surveillance system into someones home or office. These include crimp tools, wrenches, diagnostic test meters (Installers Mainly), etc…

Mounts / Housings

Additional products needed for example housings and mounts to make certain your surveillance devices are correctly guaranteed and guarded in the elements, vandals, etc…

An Installer

May it be you, an uncle, or perhaps a hired professional make certain you’ve somebody that is technologically adept and somewhat handy so that you can install and implement your surveillance equipment.

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