What You’ll need:

Login info for old and new organizing accounts (instance: GoDaddy).
Login info for your old and also brand-new MySQL database.
Third party file upload (FileZila).
Text edit program (not a word processor like Microsoft Word).
Most importantly – you are going to require to conserve your settings for the theme your using. I utilize Weaver Pro so I visit to the administration settings and also click the Save/Restore tab. I conserve every one of my weaver theme settings to my desktop.

ACTION 2: Locate Your Existing Data Source.

Visit to the hosting represent the EXISTING holding where the internet site is located (the one you are relocating the site OUT of). I make use of GoDaddy so I have more details concerning their actions however you can utilize this guide for many other holding programs.
Launch the organizing account.
Open your MySQL database and pick the correct database.
Click your php admin and enter the data source name and also password. Hint: if you don’t recognize what the password is you can either situate the password in the wp-config documents or you can merely reset the password under “Information”. This is located beside the php admin switch under “Actions” in GoDaddy.
STEP 3: Export Your Present Data Source.

Once you are in your php admin, take a look at the left hand side of the screen. You will certainly see a minimum of 2 lines that have: 1. Your database name with a number in the parentheses and also 2. “Info schema” with a number in the parentheses.
Click on your data source name. A table with show up in the main section.
Listed below this table you will certainly see “Examine All” – click on that and also all of packages will be inspected.
Increase to the leading location and also find the “Export” Tab. Click on that tab.
Toward all-time low of this area are the alternative for saving your exported data source. Make sure you click on the zip option.
Click “Go” as well as conserve to your desktop computer for very easy area.
KEEP IN MIND: Adhere To Action 4 if the main domain of your web site is transforming. If it will stay the very same after that you can miss this action as well as relocate onto action 5.

ACTION 4: Update the Domain Name.

Most likely to your desktop computer and also locate the zip data you simply saved. Unzip the documents (for a mac just double click on it) and you will certainly see a file show up that has your database name with the expansion “. sql”.
Open this data with your text editor.
Open your find/replace device. Enter the name of your present domain name (the one you wish to change) in the “Find” area.
Next off, type in the name of the domain name you are transforming your internet site to.
Struck “Change All”.
Save this data.
ACTION 5: Download Your Site’s Files and also Folders.

Open your FileZila or other 3rd party documents Duplicate WordPress download program.
Go into in the domain of the organizing account (remember this is the holding program we are no longer using however we need to obtain the files from it first).
Enter the FTP individual as well as password. Note: you might need to login into your organizing (for example: login using GoDaddy and also introduce your holding) and click FTP Individuals to find this information.
Once you have typed in this information, click “Quick Link” to access the folders as well as data in that holding account.
In the bottom area of the FileZila Display you will certainly see 2 areas side by side. We are mosting likely to work from the RIGHT-HAND MAN side – this is your hosting account. Locate the folder of your internet site.
Right click the folder and also choose “Download”. Note: Ensure you download and install the whole folder – it is a lot easier to keep all the data arranged.
This process takes a while – particularly if you have a lot of web content. Bear in mind that if you access this holding account through GoDaddy (or whichever company you utilize) while FileZila is downloading your files after that it will automatically drop the link. It’s frustrating so I recommend doing another thing for a couple of mins while these documents download and install. Once it’s all finished, move onto action 6.

ACTION 6: Upload Internet Site Files into New Hosting.

Aim to the LEFT area currently in FileZila and scroll through the folders till you locate the folder you simply downloaded and install.
Drag that entire folder onto your desktop just like you would certainly if you were relocating any type of kind of folder or submit around on your desktop.
Currently we are mosting likely to access the NEW hosting account with FileZila. Please note that in order for us to finish this step, you will certainly have to have your brand-new domain in there first.
Type in the domain for the NEW hosting account along with the FTP user as well as password. Struck Quick Attach.
On the RIGHT hand area situate the folder of your new domain.
Maintain the FileZila window open yet go to your desktop and also open up the folder we simply downloaded and install.
Select all of these files.
Drag all of these documents over to the FileZila home window and also make certain your computer mouse is on top of the brand-new folder.
Drop all the data right into the new folder and also FileZila will certainly start the uploading process.
IMPORTANT: I ought to mention that you require to open up the folder on the desktop computer and choose every one of the products instead of simply dragging and dropping the folder itself. The factor is due to the fact that the folder is a “directory site”. So, if you went down the folder identified, as an example, “Myoldwebsite” from your desktop computer in the folder of your new website identified “Newwebsite” after that the URL of the new website would be [] That’s not what we want. We desire the DATA to be in []

Wait till the documents have totally completed publishing before moving onto the next step.

ACTION 7: Import Your Website’s Databse.

Most Likely To (or whichever organizing program you make use of) and also introduce the new holding.
Open MySQL as well as log int to your php admin.
Keep in mind the.sql file we exported (as well as changed if appropriate)? We are going to import that file.
Most likely to the “Import” tab.
You will certainly see a switch that states “Browse” – click that and also locate the.sql file. Note: don’t import the zip data – it requires to say.sql.
Click on “Go” in the lower right-hand man corner.
The database needs to import right now.
Keep in mind: If you are replacing this data source with another, after that there will be data in there already. You require to examine all and “decline” them initially prior to continuing.

STEP 8: Update the Wp-config Data.

Now we have to make certain the internet site is pointing to the correct data source. Release the new holding account and also choose MySQL databases.
Locate the correct database as well as click Activities. Select “Information”.
We will certainly require to duplicate 3 products from this display – database name, user name, and also the host name.
Replicate and past these into a text data. We are going to need them in the following step.
Release the new holding FTP File Manager.
Locate the folder for your new website and click it. The data inside the folder need to appear in a list.
Select the documents that states “wp-config. php” as well as click on “Edit” – typically situated near the top.
We need to replace the data source name, individual name, and also host name with the information we just replicated. This will make the web site indicate the new data source we established – not the one it simply came from.
ACTION 9: Examine your site. If every one of these steps were done appropriately after that your internet site should appear in the new domain.


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