Hippie Campervan Hire Overview

Hippie Campers are members of the Apollo number of campervan hire companies, however there is a much smaller sized vehicle selection than the majority of the others within the group. Only for the record the Apollo campervan group includes, Apollo, Cheapa Campa and Hippie Campervans.

Hippie Camper is aimed squarely in the “budget” market and appears to become going mind to mind using the “budget” market leader, Wicked Campers. Including nature painting along the side of the vehicles so everybody knows you are inside a Hippie Camper vehicle.

Their vehicles derive from the Mitsubishi Express, that is less expensive than the Toyota Hiace that might be within the mid-cost selection of Camper vergelijk nieuw Zeeland . Additionally, it has lower headroom so you’ll have to bend over a bit more within the back, particularly since Hippie Campers don’t have a pop-top or high-top model. The up side for more youthful folk is this fact company targets them, so that they allow motorists aged between 18-21 to book the vehicles.

The distinct benefit of Hippie over the majority of it’s competitors may be the youthful chronilogical age of the vehicles and the caliber of the inside living area.

Hippie claims all vehicles are between  and three years of age. This really is advantage within the aging number of most competitors and provides better bit of mind when ever travelling in the center of nowhere. However, be on the lookout while shopping around, there are more firms that will have near new models available – Traveller’s Autobarn and Explore More spring to mind.

Generally, the constant maintenance and general appointments of the Hippie Camper interior will work for the cost range. Another distinct advantage is the fact that the budget version has a fridge as well as an electric push. Most others within this cost range are likely to provide an esky (cooler box, chilli bin), that is a discomfort when you are constantly getting to locate ice supplies and also the ice melt will in the end ruin some food.

Usually the fridge is what you want, however you may have to endure some humming throughout the night if this activates. If you are a very light sleeper, this can be problematic, but worst situation would be to power it down during the night and switch it on each morning.

Fridges will invariably elope a second “house” battery so there’s you don’t need to worry that you’ll flatten the vehicle battery if you use it although parked.

Another nifty little factor may be the awning for that rear door, the only real other company that I’ve come across offer this really is OzPods in Wa.

The awning will help to safeguard from searing sun and flowing rain when you’re cooking as well as provide you with a break in the flies in certain regions. Again it comes down on your budget and luxurious models. Actually to be honest, I can not really find a noticeable difference between your budget and luxurious models aside from a secure within the luxurious.

I authored to Hippie Camper to encourage them to clarify the main difference plus they eventually came back the e-mail saying the only real difference is chronilogical age of vehicle. If all vehicles are -three years old then, really, there’s likely to be hardly any distinction between the models.

Hippie Campers sometimes gives free upgrades in the budget model towards the luxurious. Because of the limited difference backward and forward, you’re best booking your budget and find out what goes on. However, they do not allow bookings for that budget model from Melbourne. Stupid really, what goes on if a person will a one method to Melbourne inside a budget model?

They will need to pay to have it to Sydney or further. Whatever, just remember that if you’re beginning in Melbourne, you will need to pay for that Luxurious model although the difference backward and forward is minimal.

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