Dubai Desert Safari – Essential Guide

Probably the most popular tourist activities associated with Dubai is the Famous “Dubai Desert Safari”. The wilderness safari is basically a trip in to the depth of the desert on the 4×4 Toyota Land Easy riding bike. This exciting trip starts with the tour operators automobile picking you up from the house or hotel. The car seats 6 people so if you want privacy you can negotiate an inexpensive rate with the tourism organization beforehand and get the whole automobiles for yourself. After being indexed you will be driven to a conference point where the rest of the cars will assemble and all the actual vehicles will proceed to the desert as a convoy.

The actual desert safari is quite the roller coaster ride as car owner will drive thrillingly down and up red sand dunes. Following a short ride the will come to a stop in the center of a desert at a buck farm you will get opportunities to get photographs and stretch your own legs. After the camel grind you will proceed to the wasteland camp of the tourism business where you will disembark and continue into the Bedouin camp set up to give you an insight in the desert life led through traditional Arabs. The camping is a fully functional tourist framework with all modern amenities such as wash rooms, electricity as well as telephones.

You will spend approximately three hours at the desert safari dubai and you will have an accessibility to buying souvenirs from the memorabilia shop, you can also buy a movie and pictures of your adventurous journey, there are ladies who will place henna mehndi on your fingers before you are served a traditional and also continental dinner buffet. Following the dinner there is a belly dance display and the belly ballerina will be happy to teach you a few steps you will never forget. As soon as the dance you are dropped returning to where you were picked up through. To sum it up the Dubai leave safari is a must do if you want to Dubai.

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