Children’s Dream: Amazing Amusement Parks of New York


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Perhaps, New York can surely be called one of the most famous cities on our planet. The frantic pace of its everyday life impresses, and at the same time, walking through the streets of this beautiful city, you feel the magical atmosphere of Hollywood movies. In addition, you probably know, New York is the global business capital, and modern skyscrapers of Manhattan are the best confirmation of this fact.

Of course, despite this feature, the city is incredibly popular among leisure travelers. However, what those travelers who come to New York with children and are looking for worthwhile places of entertainment should do? It’s simple! They need to rent a car in New York with Avis and go to the local amusement parks! Here are some interesting places to have a good time with the whole family…

Luna Park Coney Island

Astroland Amusement Park is one of the oldest attractions in New York. It has been working since 1927 and has repeatedly taken part in the filming of various movies. But in 2008, Astroland ceased to exist. Thus, now the amusement park is officially listed as Luna Park Coney Island.

Coney Island

Its main ride is the roller coaster called “Cyclon”, which is capable of tickling even the strongest nerves. A drop from the height of 2,640 feet above ground level and 60 miles of an insane ride will make you scream with delight and fear. It’s interesting to know that carts are made of wood and have been in service for almost 90 years. Another oldest attraction in this amusement park is the Wheel of Miracles. It has been operating since 1920 and is presented with a 46-meter Ferris wheel. Its major feature is the ability of passenger seats to move along the rails. Take a ride on this attraction in order to see all the romance of America and feel like a hero of a movie.

At the same time, Luna Park is constantly updated with new entertainment venues that can interest any visitor. So, in 2010, the installation of 19 newest rides was completed. And today, visitors can enjoy such attractions as “Astroflum”, “Breakdancer”, “Top Spin”, “Hell Dante”, “Astro Tower”, and “Pirate Ship”. Very young visitors were also not ignored: they were offered a rail locomotive, a huge all-terrain vehicle, a flying elephant, merry-go-rounds and many other attractions, which undoubtedly give the kids a lot of joyful impressions.

Luna Park

Luna Park is waiting for its visitors from mid-spring to mid-autumn. Here you can have a good time, enjoy a delicious meal and get an explosion of unforgettable emotions. This amusement park is located on the Coney Island, which is famous for its beaches and entertainment venues. The park is open from 9 am till 9-11 pm, depending on the time of year.

Six Flags Great Adventure

If you are a thrill-seeker and would like to try the world’s most dizzying rides, then you should definitely visit Six Flags Great Adventure. This famous complex is located in Jackson, which is 58 miles away from New York. You’ll find there the greatest roller coaster called Kingda Ka. This record holder takes off above the ground to the height of a 50-story skyscraper at a speed of 192 km/h. At the same time, passengers experience an extraordinary feeling of weightlessness lasting about 50 seconds.


One of the latest innovations of this amusement park is the “Dark Knight” attraction, based on the movie of the same name. The passengers can feel themselves the inhabitants of Gotham City, which is under siege of the Joker. Then the visitors reach a dizzying height, from which they fall into a deep dark abyss and make several 180-degree coups.

Well, the latest innovation, which was opened in the spring of 2014, is the world’s highest attraction called Zumanjaro. After all, this structure is much higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York and reaches 126 meters. Just imagine, a special lift for half a minute delivers people to the very top, stops for a while, giving you the opportunity to view the panorama from a bird’s eye view and realize what is happening, and then, with a huge speed of 200 km/h, it falls down into the abyss. This attraction is designed for people with steel nerves who want to get a huge adrenaline rush.

Nitro Roller Coaster Viewed from the Big Wheel

In addition to the cool adrenaline rides, the park has 11 themed areas. For example, in the “Flower Park” visitors can enjoy the beauty of unique plants collected from different parts of our planet, since in a wonderful cafe called “Forest of Fantasy” there are several dozen types of ice cream for any taste and color.

The youngest visitors of the park were not left without attention: they will be able to try 4 thematic zones, including a zoo, which makes possible to admire amazing animals from around the world. All kinds of carousels and cartoon characters will delight your kid and leave pleasant memories.

Six Flags - Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure operates from mid-spring to mid-autumn. The ticket price is about $80/person. Those visitors who want to avoid queues can purchase a platinum bracelet, which will cost $200.



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