A True Ghost Story – The Mystery Continued Long After the Haunting

A family puzzle, about what some covertly viewed as a genuine phantom story, turned out to be a piece of my family explore when the yellowing, delicate page of a daily paper dated Tuesday, October nineteenth, 1880, turned up in the old family records I was considering. I was attempting to discover why individuals left their homes and families to emigrate to Australia. The strange news stories gave me a reason I had not beforehand considered, for one family’s takeoff from the Old Country.

Family legend encompasses the Everett family because of the inquisitive story of the Everett Ghost. Inquisitive, not on the grounds that the story itself is astounding, but rather in light of the fact that there were the individuals who said it was valid. The story was composed by one of the five little girls of Arundel Everett, and imprinted in Melbourne by the Echo Newspaper in 1880. The story tells how the young ladies’ dad purchased an expansive house, alluded to as “Hayes’ Castle”, in a town on the edges of London, which ended up being spooky.

It tells how Uncle William and Aunt Mary came to visit and spent the night, yet declined to remain longer as they trusted the house was spooky. Another Aunt, Etta, fled her room amidst the night, in the conviction that an unusual nearness had entered. One of the youngsters, Emilie, who was the infant of the family at the time, saw an interesting man on the stairs, and the more seasoned kids additionally observed peculiar things that couldn’t be represented. After a brief timeframe in habitation, a few remodels uncovered the reasonable justification of the frequenting. Human remains were found in mystery chambers beneath the house. The family abandoned the house instantly from that point onward, and left England when they could. That was the finish of the phantom story, yet not the finish of family puzzle.

The story made me inquisitive, right off the bat in light of the fact that the girl who composed the apparition story utilized names that effortlessly recognized the characters. I would have suspected that she would have utilized totally invented names, on the off chance that it was only a ‘story’. At that point, a letter composed by Emilie’s relative in 1880 said that the story was, “composed by a sister of my girl in-law, all she writes in it is valid and happened to the Everett family”. One of Emilie’s stupendous little girls disclosed to me that her mom likewise said that it was a genuine phantom story. At that point, after I had expounded on the story on my family site, another relative created a watercolor of the spooky house, painted by one of the other Everett girls.

For me as a family antiquarian, the last demonstration of the secret concerns the passing of Arundel Everett, somewhere in the range of seventeen years after he and his family fled from the spooky house. His body was found out and about from Nanango to Toromeo, Queensland, on 23rd April 1867. Where his body was found was around seven miles from Toromeo. The examination held the following day depicted Everett, as a contractual worker, as 5ft 4in, light hair with dark facial hair. He had been remaining for multi day or two at a lodging at Nanango and had let one know of the witnesses that he had tumbled off the top of a house he had been building. He was strolling from Nanango to Toromeo, and halted for a brief span with James Holt, a mineworker, and six men in his organization, who were resting next to the street. Everett continued on his adventure and was discovered dead or passing on some time later, when Holt’s gathering made up for lost time with him. A few wounds on the body were ascribed to his gathered tumble from the rooftop. Reason for death was obscure, conceivably fatigue or coronary illness. No individual suspected. Nobody charged. No suspicious conditions.

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